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Thread: My Story:

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    My Story:

    I've been cycling off and on since before high school, but only recently have taken it to a new level within the last two years. I don't have a gym membership, I'm not a swimmer and I hate running. Cycling seemed to be my thing. Little did I realize how many others out there are just like me. Cycling has become my passion, my stress reliever, my obsession. I've come to the realization that while I'm far from the fastest in a group ride, I'm definitely not the slowest. There's always room for improvement. I originally came from New England, but when things changed and I moved to Florida, I hated it. While I missing the White Mountains and the rolling hills throughout the northeast, I've come to appreciate the many bridges in Florida. By far the biggest advantage living in the south is the extended riding season. Jacksonville Florida still gets cold, but not nearly as long as other places throughout the country. I've learned to appreciate the opportunities that have come my way, and have made numerous friends who share the same passion I do for cycling. I participate in as many group rides as my schedule allows, and fit in smaller solo rides when there isn't time for anything else. I've done the fund raiser rides, the awareness for MS, cancer and the like. I'm still working on the courage to join a crit or two with the realization that the engine always needs more power. It's encouraging to find a site like Bike Forums to interact with others and get opinions and answers to the unending list of questions I have. I'm always excited knowing that I've found something that I will be able to do for a long time knowing that there will always be someone just as passionate about cycling as I am.

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    Bike riding is all about fun.
    I started road riding at age 65 years.
    Stay safe.
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