Hi all,
Im new to this forum and new to the overall cycling community!
I am 18 years old an i live in Arnhem in The Netherlands,
i wanted to get a road bike because im not in a good shape after aprox 4 years of no sport at all..
I did ride a normal bike every week when going to the city or something bus that doesnt keep you fit!

So to get in a better shape (im no overweight or something im 1,76 and 65kilo but i mean i need to get FITTER) i wanted to make some miles on a road bike!
I just started asking people in my family if they knew somebody who had a good road bike for not so much money because i am a poor student

After a couple of days i spoke to my uncle and he had an Koga Miyata Prologue which he bought in 1990 an rode for 3 weeks or something and after that time never touched the bike..
He said i just got some new tires but aint going to ride it so you can have it for free! (i did give him a case of beer just for the idea of giving him something)

Today i rode nearly 20KM on it and i am totally beaten lots of work to do but fall is kicking in pretty bad so not so much biking me thinks

I have learned a lot from this forum and hope to learn alot more!

Here is a picture of my bike!

I don't know much about it It is an Koga Miyata Prologue from 1990 as far as i know on the rear deraileur it says Shimano 500EX..
I think the bike is box standard but dont know for shure..

As i was totally beaten from biking today i did enjoy it very much!