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    Hi from Adelaide, South Australia

    I'm an ex-rower trying to get fit in middle age.

    I recently bought an imported secondhand British 2006 Ridgeback Supernova which I discovered had a crack just above the weld on seat tube just above the bottom bracket shell. Still, the bike was cheap enough and the crack can be welded and filleted.

    Then for AUD50 I bought a barely used Shogun Samurai in my size with stuffed RX100 STI brifters and an 8 cog cassette. I was told they are unrepairable. Hence my visit here to see if I could fix them. They shift one way, but the little plastic handled paddles don't shift the other, so I have a heavy fixie. But a sweet ride other than that. I'll try to flush the brifters as suggested. Thanks!

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    Welcome to Bike Forums Lars. Sorry about your bad luck with bikes.
    Post your questions in the Bike Mechanics forum. Lots of helpful folks there.

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