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Thread: Hello Bikers

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    Hello Bikers

    This is milesmiller from New York City, I'm new to this site. I Just started biking for fitness. I brought a Schwinn Ranger 26" wheel base five months ago at Target. I brought this as a starter bike. Last week it was stolen . I put it on a bike post near the school. I used a lower grade lock, because I used it before and nothing happened to it. Now I'm looking at a Trek Road series 1.1

    What is a good price for this bike at a bike shop?

    Any recommendation for a good bike lock, I got the Kryptonite New York Lock� STD, but is that to only lock the bike frame to the wheel or is there any space left to lock the wheel and frame to the bike post?


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    Check with your local bike shops for prices or deals on 2010 bikes.
    You could ask some local riders about locks.
    I know they use heavy locks and chains.
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    Howdy and welcome to the forums.

    One lesson is that they don't make an indestructible lock. If you need to leave a bike someplace subject to theft, get a crappy old bike and a good lock. If you get a good bike, keep it inside somewhere where it's reasonably safe.

    Generally, try to put the lock through the rear wheel, the frame, and around the object in question. You can even take the front wheel off and put the lock through it as well.

    Even on the better locks, they can be cut with power tools or torches, and the warranties are fairly worthless.

    FYI, "bikers" usually is taken to mean Harley riders, so we're "cyclists".

    Good luck and good riding.
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