Hello, fellow riders. I've learned alot from these forums, so it's time to step out and be seen.
My bicycle is a Breezer Citizen which I purchased just over a week ago. I've driven it to work twice so that makes me < ahem > a commuter! My workplace is exactly five miles away from our house, so it's not exactly a hardship.
"My other car" is a Vespa ET2, which I'm equallly obsessed with.
My particular neighborhood is central to everything I need to get to, so I can leave the aging Tercel to the husband's use. Grand Rapids bike shops have yet to achieve "city bike" conciousness...they're still in that ol' moutain bike/racer/touring mode. That will change when one of the shops will start carrying the Electra line soon. I get giddy at the sight of fenders.
I hope to be a useful member of this these forums...hi, Seely!