This is my first post on this website - which I found by Googling for the Redmount ROller - I'm just about to buy my second (for the wife)...we also have bought the Toyota Prius.

Although I don't get to ride the Redmount as much as I would like when I do I place my sat nav on the waterbottle so I can ride where I want and always get back home. My first outing on the Redmount was so much fun I got lost and had to be rescued - I had gone so far I didn't recognise the signposts!

Another reason for the long and pleasant ride was that I put my CD MP3 player in the bag at the back of the seat and was listening to all the old Beatles albums for several hours..I find setting out with a banana and apple, music and satnav the most relaxiing thing to do at the weekend...so now we are getting another so we can both go out.

Oh - the Prius - a great car...but not as good as the RR.