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    New from North Carolina


    I participated in the old Bicycle Forum that Bicycle Bob hosted. After he could no longer keep it going, I missed it, but I had forgotten about it. This morning I was cleaning up my Internet Explorer Favorites and clicked on the Bicycle Forum entry before I deleted it and came to the current incarnation. I am glad to see the forum back.

    I live in Charlotte, NC, USA. I am 51 years old and have been doing some bike commuting since I was in my late twenties. The last several years, I have gotten fairly serious about it. I commute at least half of the time to work by bike, year-round. My commute is seven to nine miles (11 - 14.5 km) each way depending on my route. Our winters are fairly mild - our coldest morning this past winter was 19 degrees F (-7 C) - so year-round cycling is relatively easy.

    Charlotte would probably go on a list of Worst US Cities In Which to Cycle, but things are improving. We now maintain an email list of about 80 bicycle commuters, and get together once a month at a downtown restaurant before work. Even in the middle of winter, we had ten people show up. The city has adopted a bicycle plan and hired a Bicycle Planner, so maybe things will continue to improve.

    I have also been active with the building management where I work and our building probably has the best bicycle parking facilities in all of downtown Charlotte (which really isn't saying a whole lot). In the process of working with them, I discovered that they knew very little about bicycle parking so I developed a PowerPoint presentation outlining what makes good bike parking facilities and how to put in racks,etc. that people will use. Its targeted audience is developers, building managers, etc. I will be glad to share the presentation with anyone who is interested. Just send me an email.

    My other hobby is music. I am an amateur musician with a couple of compositions under my belt - not anything great, but I enjoyed working on them and I enjoy studying and making music.

    Also, if I made errors in my metric conversions above, let me know!

    Well that's about it.


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    Ah . . . another North Carolinian. Welcome aboard. You'll have fun here.

    goose - somewhere in NC
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    Welcome from a neighbor in Atlanta.

    I am living proof that if you catch prostate cancer early, it can be reduced to a temporary inconvenience, and you can go back to a normal life. - General Norman Schwarzkopf and me

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