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    Fuji Touring, Fuji ACR 2.0, Roubaix & a Peugeot of mid 1980's vintage, orig 12 vitesse, now a single speed. Converted to fixie/single speed before I got it.
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    New to The Forum

    My name is Ray and I think I'm addicted to yet another sport: Bicycling. My other "addiction" is soaring (flying a glider).

    I was convinced to try a bike as part of my commute to work and now I have a Fuji Regis, of unknown age, for the biking part of my "bike-bus-bike" commute. That began in late July 2010. By early November, I just HAD to have a road bike and I have a 2010 Fuji acr 2.0 Roubaix and in the two months I've had it, I've ridden 500 miles. The commute ride legs are short: 1.6 miles to the bus, 35 miles on the bus, then 5 miles to the office. In the afternoon, it's 6 miles from the office to the bus, 35 miles on the bus, then 1.6 miles home. So far, no BIG rides, but I came awfully close to a metric century last weekend with a ride of 55 miles on the Roubaix. Now, I'm just looking forward to my next ride, whether on the Regis or Roubaix.

    If someone had told me in early July 2010 that I would have a bike by the end of the month and I would be riding it almost every day of the week, I would have said he/she was nuts. If that person said I would have TWO bikes, I would have had them committed to some insane facility. I suppose that I'm the one that's insane...

    Carrboro, North Carolina

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    Not far from the Withlacoochee Trail. 🚴🏻
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    My beloved 2001 Litespeed Tuscany and my 2014 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod Team bike
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    Welcome Ray and congrats on the bike commuting.
    when you get a chance stop by the Southeast Regional subforum and introduce yourself to the locals. Lots of NC folks here. Post pics of the bikes too.

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