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Thread: Hello from NYC

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    Hello from NYC

    Hello everyone! I love biking and want to start making it a part of my weekly routine. I live not too far away from the bike path along the hudson river and would like to do that ride a few times a week. I want to be regularly biking when spring comes, so I am just doing the planning now.

    I need to get myself properly equipped and see if anyone can suggest some folks who ride along the river path who would not mind a beginner to join them. I am just starting out, but would like to take cycling seriously and do some of the bike tours around NY.

    First and foremost, I need to get myself a good road bike (<1000k). I don't know where to begin. Advice?

    What are some good resources for starting out?

    Thanks, and I look forward to joining the community.

    - Mark

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    Welcome Mark!

    I don't know of any groups that specifically ride the Greenway since most cycling groups I know ride it to head north and over the GWB. A good resource for rides in the city is the 5BBC which has a good variety of rides for beginners. Finding some friends or someone on here to ride with is a good start too; I ride the Greenway daily (except during snowy conditions) and it's a nice ride all of the way north to Inwood, though I commute to work from NJ so I exit the Greenway at 181st. I used grew up in Washington Heights so I've used the Greenway extensively.

    As for a bike my suggestion is to go to a shop and have someone there help you because I'm sure you'll have lots of questions and an experienced shop can help guide you toward the best bike for your intended purpose. Bikes from all of the major manufacturers are pretty much the same with slight differences in frame design and component packages.

    Good luck!
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