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    New Orleanian in Los Angeles... Hill? What's a 'hill?'

    So i never really thought of my self as a cyclist, back home in my flat flat flat town (honestly i can count on ONE HAND the # of place where there were actual inclines and those were over the freeway) I had a vintage 62 schwinn cruiser (it's still there) and when i got here in LA post Katrina a bike wasn't on my mind until i met some hard core bikers who actually tour and some that are really intense road bikers. I bought a used cannondale CAD1 mtb and immediately put slicks on it, that was fun, but i couldn't get the speed that my fellow road bikers were, so i bought a KHS Flite 200 recently. That's upped my game considerably, riding clips for the first time too has been really cool. The cannondale has recently become my project bike, and I'm LEARNING A LOT about fittings/components and bike styles, commuters, cargo/porteurs, touring, hybrids. This bike will be the one i use to occasionally ride 16 miles round trip to work, to get groceries, to hit up the neighborhood bar and do casual rides w/ the lady (she's just starting out riding, hasn't ridden in a decade and a half.) I need gears because i live immediately amongst some steep hills. I'm using this frame because i have it and don't have room for another bike. I'm going to do a road crankset switch and add some cargo rack set ups. I currently have put 1.25 tires on it and have switched the bars to velo orange montmartes. That's the latest fittings/components problem. getting the right shifter/brake set up. yeah, i'm trying to figure this out before i waste too much money. My choices have been bouncing from; end bar shifters with regular brake levers, end bar inverse brake levers w/ thumb shifters(paul components,) or stem shifters with regular brake levers. the inverse brake levers pose a problem since the cable may cause some positioning problems for the shifter placement. :( pleas excuse all my bellyaching, just seeking some advice and bouncing ideas off of a fellow pedallers heads. thanks for having me bike forums! - EP

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    Welcome EP,

    Sounds as if you are having a good time in LA.

    Keep it going.
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