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Thread: Old Newbie

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    Old Newbie

    Howdy! Scopinusa here. New to the forums. I'm an old guy straight from the pre-industrialized era. 'Been biking most of my life and owned a small bike shop in the early '70's. 'Wore many hats along the way. Managed a metallurgical lab (aerospace) here in Arizona until the operation was moved to India and Brazil. I do astronomy presentations at local resorts (since 1991) to "feed the beasts".
    I ride mainly two bikes. A Panasonic 23" Chro-mo road bike from the 70's and an '85 Raleigh Elkhorn Chro-mo hardtail. Both do their work admirably. The road bike is light (19.7 lbs.) and fast; the mountain bike is agile, comfortable and great fun (27.3 lbs.). I ride nearly everyday and usually select three mid-week days for long rides around 30-60 miles. Depending on the whim, I'll ride our wonderful canal systems, desert terrain or road. The canals offer no traffic, underpasses and lots of great scenery including roadrunners, ducks, and quail. The desert is terrific fun with crushed granite "paths", washes, high elevation "edge of the universe" paths and all sorts of wildlife. Some benevolent, others not so.....Ha!
    Anyway, I'd like to talk with you about your favorite riding, gear or ???. I'm just a click away! Are you an Az resident or planning to visit? Let me know if you'd like a tame (lame) riding partner.
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    Hello Scopinusa,

    Welcome and thanks for joining.
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