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    Hello from Aruba

    Hey Guys,

    im new to this whole scene abbout fixie etc. i just bought a fixie a week ago and it still yet to arrive because i live on Aruba i Bough eastern gran royale lurker bike '10 freestyle

    And now my questions is because not until today i rode a fixie of a friend of mine
    he bought a Redline Urbis 2010 Front Disc Brake

    now i rode it it was amazing but as i was riding it i realized that when i want to stop paddling i cant the paddle keeps moving forward now i was just wondering isnt there anyway to adjust this. because how is it possible to do a trek op"Ollie" with your bike if your bikes paddles keeps moving forward? isnt there anyway to adjust this just asking

    I know this is a stupid question but here in Aruba our bike providers are lack of this type of information because almost no one here on Aruba rides fixies hope u guys could help me out

    Thanks Allot

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