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    Just saying howdy to the forum

    Hello fellow forum folks ... Just got my welcome message from RonH and follow the suggestion to say howdy.

    I live in Northern Michigan (below the bridge I'm afraid so they will call me a Troll up in the UP ... I've seen at least one guy from Marquette). At any rate, I've been mostly a mountain bike guy for the past 12 years or so. I had an old Fuji road bike in high school and used to go everywhere with it but was by no means a fanatic. I just went places and didn't sweat the details.

    I've done some touring but that was actually on a rather unexciting Univega mountain bike back in 1991. Despite not knowing much of anything I managed to do about 2500 miles in New Zealand over a few months through both islands. It was the beginning of a year long Circle Pacific trip but the only stretch on a bike. (NOTE: I posted a response to MichaelW on his query about touring in New Zealand in the TOURING area).

    I'm interested in getting back into touring (this time with a road bike) and so that's why I've come. As I've gotten older I'm more interested in doing research on bikes and knowing what I'm doing! I don't know how I survived in New Zealand quite frankly being totally oblivious to anything technical or otherwise. Thankfully, I was an experienced hiker/camper so roughing it was no stretch.

    I'll be posting a question in the product questions area on what people think about good TOURING BIKE choices and whether I'd be nuts to consider some of the new cyclocross bikes as touring choices. Yeah, I know ... why not a dedicated touring bike. Well, it would be a part-time touring bike for sure ... not sure when it would happen but obviously when it does, it'll need to be up to the task.

    So ... that's it for now as the snow falls outside.


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    Welcome to bikeforums, BikeBrian! I used to be a troll too, I lived in Traverse City for 9 years before moving to Marquette. Hope you have a great time here.
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