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Thread: Hi, New here

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    Hi, New here

    Hi all. I hail from Colorado. Spend Mon-Fri in Denver, most weekends in Summit County. Trying to get back into cycling. I have a rusty trusty 12 year old Schwinn Traveler, Cannondale 2.8 racing series, Gary Fisher Sugar 4.

    To date most of my road biking has been limited to hopping on the bike riding a couple of miles downtown having a beer at one of the breweries and riding home. Been doing a bit more Mtn Biking but still have LOTS to learn. I have been lucky enough to do some beautiful rides in the high country last summer and look forward to this season.

    Decided to start riding more because running hurts this old ladies knees, sitting with an ice pack on my knee as I type. Ski season is almost over so I have been eyeing the bikes in the garage these past few days.
    Going to try to do the “Elephant Rock” ride in June. Probably the 65 miles course. Any way that is the goal.

    Thanks for the warm welcome Ron.

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    Welcome to the forums! Don't be afraid to post.
    "....You have to have faith that if you're doing the work now,you'll get there sometime."
    - Nicole Reinhart

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