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    Oakland, CA
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    '84 Specialized Allez SE, '98 Cannondale R1000, '06 Marin B-17, Miyata 210 urban bomber/commuter
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    New from Oakland, CA

    Hey everyone,
    I found this forum because I recently acquired an '84 (I think) Specialized Allez SE that I have been fixing up. Many google searches for information about the frame/parts/etc. led to this forum, so I finally decided to check it out.

    In addition to my Allez, I also have a 2006 Marin B-17 mountain bike, a '98 Cannondale R1000, and a early 80s Miyata 210 that I have setup as an urban bomber/commuter single speed.

    I love getting out on the road once or twice a week - usually somewhere up in the Oakland Hills. I also love trail riding and I get out on the local trails as much as possible.

    I also like wrenching on my bikes as well. I'm very much a beginner but I try to do most things myself.

    Anyway, looking forward to participating in the forums.
    Tim King
    Oakland, CA

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    Hello Tim, welcome to Bike Forums!

    To err is human. To moo is bovine.

    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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