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    Hey - great to find this forum

    Hey from North Carolina,

    I have recently gotten back into cycling after a lapse of over 20 years. I was an avid rider from the early 70's to the late 80's when a couple of heart stopping traffic incidents caused me to reflect on mortality. Last fall, I was prompted into starting to commute by bike into work. After dusting off the bike I normally used for commuting, I tore it down to check and relube all the moving parts. The first week of commuting was a real shake down. Every day I discovered new things that needed attention. The bike was a 1973 Raleigh Competition so the other thing I discovered was that parts were not easy to get any more. Anyhow, I am closing on a year of commuting and find myself getting the bug again.

    A few insights:

    1. When all your bikes are at least 25 years old, you don't worry about equipment snobbishness.

    2. The pile of spare parts I had in a cardboard box seem to be worth some $$ nowadays.

    3. My bike is an old school 10 speed. My commute is 5-8 miles one way (depending on route) with rolling hills. Now that I have achieved a bit of conditioning, I find myself using only 42-17 to warm up and then 52-17 for most of the commute. Why do riders need so many rear cogs these days?

    Anyhow, I expect to be hanging around in the Classic and Vintage bike forum for the most part.


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    Welcome Gary.

    Quote Originally Posted by gmt13 View Post
    Anyhow, I expect to be hanging around in the Classic and Vintage bike forum for the most part.
    Sorry to hear that.
    Stop by the Southeast Regional subforum. Lots of NC folks there.

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