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Thread: hey pro bikers

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    hey pro bikers

    Hey guys
    I'm new here (dur)
    I'm Chris, I'm 16, and I'm looking for a budget way to get into biking
    I'm currently in 3 other Hobbies,so this is gonna be my 4th.
    I'm broke as is with the other Hobbies, but I wanna start cycling to get into shape. Lately ice started to get fatter and fatter because I don't exercise. Biking is fun, so I wanna start

    Yesterday I was at my local bike shop, and I wanted to get new gears for my specialized hard rock

    Then I found out, its gonna cost a full $200+ to upgrade to the newer style crank that I can change individual gears with, and a new rear hub where I can switch the gears, and I figured, its cheaper to sell my current bike and get the new hard rock which would also comes with disk breaks
    so I'm looking for the 2010 model hard rock that is completely stock. I wanna buy new stuff, so if you guys could, please reccomend me to stores that have it

    I've. Live in so-cal, in LA. Incycle only has 19" versions, and I need a 17"

    For my other Hobbies, they are RC racing, paintball and photography

    I'm mainly looking for a hybrid bike , so the hard rock fits my needs perfectly
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    Hello Chris, welcome to Bike Forums!

    To err is human. To moo is bovine.

    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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