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Thread: Hi from Denmark

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    Hi from Denmark

    One more in the late fifties is ready to intro.
    Just 2 weeks ago I arrived back home from a 2 months/2800 km trip to New Zealand. Finding out that the Touring-forum - - I followed before my trip is down. But anyway "" seems to be very active and well-organized.

    Before NZ I spent a couple of weeks warming up in Seattle and Los Angeles.

    In NZ I did some good and bad experiences, which I will discuss in the Touring-forum.

    I of course bicycle daily, but the first really tour I made was in 1989-90 - 2 years on the roads in Asia. From Tokyo to Sydney through all the different, wonderful, splendid, friendly and beautiful southeast Asia. The bike at that time was a Motobecane "Grand Touring". An excellent bike, lively and fast, but because of the light and unstable frame I had a lot of broken spokes - it annoyed me. Without bags I love biking it, but to bike NZ - no way. I had to buy a new - the choice was easy but expensive, when I after months of research decided to buy a Cannondale T2000. - She is simply great!!


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    I believe I have seen your postings in USENET - rec.bicycles.*


    Join us in the 50+ fourm, if you like!

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