Hi everyone, i'm a beginner just getting into bicycles at 30 years old, I own a Huffy beach cruiser that i bought from wal mart about 2 years ago as of right now lol but i'm working on buying something better, my neighbors were throwing out some old bicycles they had and i took them and started messing with them and found that i had the knack for it and really had a great time i put some new tires and tubes on them and got some books from the library and put new cables on them and adjusted the deraillers and everything and made them rideable and gave them away to some friends. They thought that was way cool, so i put an ad on the local trading post radio show here looking for junker bikes and a woman called me up and had a whole slew of them so i brought them all home and piled them up in my backyard and i am stripping them for parts and just to do it for fun and try to learn everything i can in the process, one happened to be a fuji foldinig frame from marlboro which i found interesting and its still in decent shape so i'm gonna atempt to rebuild it. I just recently purchased the bk2 roll up tool kit from park tools and i really dig it. I don't really have a career or anything and have been looking for something that i enjoy to do for a long time and i think i have found it, and i'm thinking that maybe if i apply myself after a while i may be able to get on as an apprentice at a bike shop or something and work my way up if anyone has any advice on this subject it would be well appreciated. anyways i have been reading about lubrication on bikes and some books say use white lithium grease and i was wondering if the aerosol kind is just as good as the regular grease, it's the only one i can find so far in town.