Hello all,
I'm a new member from the middle of Washington State. I'm mostly a commuter, riding about 10 miles each way. I've recently gotten more serious about cycling again after several years of not doing it enough.

I ride a Specialized mountain bike that is mostly converted to a commuter, with a rear fender, lights, rear pannier racks, and a horn. I want to put a front fender on but I haven't figured out how to attach them yet. There are no eyelets on my front fork, and they are big round tubes as part of a shock absorber system. I need to come up with some sort of a homemade bracket for them.

I have another bike which is about a 22-year-old Trek road bike. Nothing fancy, but it was the first new bike I bought, and it was a big step up from my old Schwinn Varsity, so I still like to ride it.

I'm turning 50 next summer and I'm thinking I should celebrate with a double century. I'm glad I found this forum. It looks like there is a lot of good information here.