I'm in inland northern NSW Australia.
I raced road & track in the '70s and early 80's, now I race local Vets and triathlon.
for 30 years I've built my own frames (steel) and still race one I built in '79.
I am very interested in the history and engineering development of bicycles, and how cycle technology contributed to other industries.

Right now I'm building a couple of track bikes for my daughters to use on the local track. Its a steep concrete 250m track and requires a bit of courage for first timers to get on.
My daughters have done local triathlons and short road races, and now want to try out the track.
So I'm sorting through boxes of old components, and modifying a couple of frames, and buying a few new bits to set them up.

The first race meeting of the season is tomorrow evening, so I'm really too busy to be sitting here writing to .............. who knows ??