I'am 30 years old, married, & have a 4 year old little girl. Happy to be aboard and I would like to thank the people (admin.) cool board.
Stared riding @ 7 years old owned many bikes still on hand Cannondale super V2000 nice for peddling w/ the family, but all of my pride andjoys are left over from the young years.
1 Zeronine jr. complete and mint
1 early schwinn sting sanded welds mint and sweet
1 SE Racing Floval Flyer 24" complete and mint
1 Powerlite jr. complete and mint The jr's are for my little girl
1 Hutch prostar F&F mint never out of original box pride and joy
1 old school DK F&F not new style
I think it is just going to be great letting my girl have all the options and if she will not be a bmx'r they will stay my collectibles. If anyone knows were to purchase old school bmx F&F pm me or email me.
It's just about what I grew up on.