Well, let's get this introduction out of the way.

I'm a 25 year old guy living in Cincinnati. I used to ride a lot before I got to college, but the hills in and around my apartment and the University made it nearly impossible. That, and my already 10 year old Giant Neutra bike was already hurting before I stopped riding it.

Now that I'm out of college, I got back into riding. I got a Trek 7100 hybrid, but I'm wishing I'd spent a bit more and gotten a road bike. Of course, I'm no lightweight at 260-270lbs which is one reason I went with the hybrid over a road bike. I've done a fair amount of climbing on this bike, but it's really difficult. I prefer the flat trails and gently rolling roads in the river valleys. I can maintain about 15mph on average, and have gotten close to 16 a few times. I ride about 30 miles at a time on the weekend (I've gone as far as 50, averaging 14.3mph that time), and I usually do two or three 15 mile rides after work during the week. I've logged about 1,600 miles this year. The early darkness is killing me though, as I can really only get out during the weekend now.

I'm always looking for people to ride with who have similar skill levels (or who would want to ride at my level). Drop me a line if you're in Cincinnati or the east side (Milford/Loveland area).