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    happy cycling in Portland, OR

    Glad to find BikeForums.

    I am a third year law student in Portland, OR (if anyone has any bike-related inventions they want patented, I will galdly represent you after I land a job next summer). I am a transplant from Denton, TX, having moved here following college about 7 years ago.

    I ride my Haluzak Horizen recumbent to school about 3 days a week (around 15 mile round trip). Portland is a great bike-commuting city, even with the rain, and I just love it here. I also have an Elf cruiser-class BMX that I ride around the neighborhood, and a Raleigh mountain bike that I never ride. I didn't start riding regularly until a few years ago when I got my recumbent and decided to take it on a trip from here to Phoenix, AZ, and had the time of my life (


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    Welcome, idq. I have a lot of friends in Portland, some are even cyclists. They say the same things about Portland. I've never known anyone who lived there that didn't enjoy it. I used to travel there 4 or 5 times a year for business and always had a great time. A great place to live.
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