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    What's a Jarama?

    Hi all,

    My name is Chris and I'm an Aussie. A Jarama is a model from the now defunct Italian motorcycle marque Laverda. I'm a life long cyclist and like some of us who transitioned from bicycles to motorcycles as we hit adulthood we bought Italian motorcycles instead of Japanese.

    Once your bitten with the Italian bug there's no turning back. So the mould was set the day I bought my first Ducati 36 years ago. I still ride on Campag and I'm finding that in recent years I'd rather ride my treadly than ride my motorbike. Which is why I'm here.

    One interest has overtaken another. L'Eroica here I come - one day.


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    Howdy jarama,

    Welcome to Bike Fourms.
    I rode motorcycles 28 years.
    Now a road bike is my thing.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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