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    new one

    Hi guys!

    I am a new one in your bike community. I study Applied Environmental Sciences in Trier, Germany and emphasize on Water Management. I have just come from a 2 month volunteering work in Kenya. That's way I suffer from the African Fever and think about doing a bike ride to Uganda-Kenya this summer. Perhaps you have some experience and could give me some country information. I have never done a solo bike trip before.

    See you


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    WELCOME to the forums. You are contemplating an exciting ride. Whether or not you should do it alone depends on you. If you are resourceful, self-confident and really have a burning desire to do so, then there is no reason not to.
    You have some experience of being there --Did you feel safe? There are other women, on the forums, planning first time solo trips. Perhaps you have seen some of their posts?

    It is a great adventure you want to undertake. My advice is GO FOR IT. The fears we imagine, rarely come true in reality. I hope you'll have a wonderful time and keep us all posted about your whereabouts and what you are doing. Good Luck!

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