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Thread: Greetings!

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    Greetings from Northern NJ...not exactly road bike haven. Originally from central NY state where I Logged many miles over the years on a '85 Trek 760, which I still own. I work fulltime in the I.T. field and a few nights a week at a bike shop.... mainly to support my biking habit. I have the opportunity to purchase a K2 Mod 4.0 for literally half price. I have a current post asking for some opinions/information on the current trend in frame designs: Compact geometry, carbon forks and seat stays, etc. Would welcome any input.
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    Hey Avivino,Great idea helpin at the shop and getting good deals.I would love it just to gain knowledge on fixing (not tearing up) me bikes.I think I can handle most jobs except messing with the bearing(I would have the manual in one hand) and wheel truing(I'll stay away from that one).I bought a basic tool kit but haven't had to do anything major...This is the place to get all kinds of opinions on bikes,but if you work in a shop,seems you already got the inside info ...KC

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