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    interested in downtube conversion to fwd 'bent

    hi -- hope this all works. not a member of a blog before so this is new to me. medicare eligible old guy in the florida keys (sand, dirt, rocks, dust) who rides a v-rex but also sails. whatever i wind up with must fit on a small boat, fit low in a dinghy and be easily folded. would like to have one bike that does it all (wouldn't we all!). not likely to be doing 50 mile rides anymore, just 10 miles or so per day. riding an upright is just impossible now and the marine conditions here kill chains and external parts. seems as if the downtube fwd bent by sesamecrunch might be ideal. would like to see how it folds and would really like to talk with sesamecrunch (alan?) about the bike. i joined this blog in hopes that we can connect. have conversed with downtube and cruzbike about their equipment but need to talk with someone who actually built one. would also like to add a nuvinci hub and maybe eventually a gates belt drive. i know this all makes an inexpensive folding bike (but apparently a good quality and rugged one) much more expensive but my needs are unique and having one bike that acceptably does all of what i need would be a great thing. might even be able to make the seat also fold like the optima baron one does in the brief video on youtube.

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    Welcome to Bike Forums.

    Post in here for Folding Bike Help.
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