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    Big fan of vintage bikes!

    Hey All,

    my name is Michael and just wanted to say hello and share that i've always been a fan of vintage bikes, hoping to acquire 1 or 2 more. attracted to the idea of restoring an old bike, too. on that note, my wife and i just found an older schwinn twinn in sky blue that we are having a blast riding. i've wanted one since i was a kid.

    used to have an old schwinn typhoon, too. thought it was a late 50's/early 60's model, but it was stolen not long after i'd gotten it. that was heart breaking, to say the least. that bike was like a cadilac! i'd love to find another to go along with our twinn!

    one thing my wife and i are loving is the challenge posed by riding a tandem. i'm typically in front (control) and she's never ridden a tandem before, so coming along slowly w/the backseat driving tendency, if you know what i mean. . . man, all i know is it's good practice and a healthy challenge for our relationship. we're beginning to really dig that challenge, too!

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    Welcome to Bike Forums.

    Congratulations on the tandem riding with the wife.
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    Love it! Welcome to the forums! I'm a big fan of classic steel bikes myself.
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