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    Hello all, I'm new here.

    Hello all I'm new here. Ron suggested I introduce myself here.

    A little about myself:

    I'm fairly new to recumbent riding. I bought my Short Wheel Base, SWB Vision R40 with Over Seat Steering, OSS, last September. I'm wondering why I didn't buy one sooner. I don't even have 400 miles on it yet. I'm still developing my 'bent legs and lungs. Its a whole lot differant then riding a upright.

    My wife of 10.5 years live in Sioux City, Iowa. No kids, yet.

    I belong to the Siouxland Cyclists, Inc. bike club. I have done RAGBRAI once in 1998, loved it hope to do it again. I love doing organized rides as well as charity rides. I just got done doing a ride in Des Moines, Iowa called Mayors Annual Ride, or MAR. In May I am doing a ride in Ankeny, Iowa called Another Dam Bike Ride. And this year in June I am doing the Iowa MS 150 chairity ride, it finally returned to Iowa. Next year I am doing the Heartland AIDS Ride, it goes from the Twin Cities in Minn. to Chicago, Ill. I alos ride the scheduled bike club rides as well.

    So thats it. Any questions feel free to ask. And I hope I'm welcome here.

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    Originally posted by b_rider
    And I hope I'm welcome here.
    We welcome anybody

    Seriously - enjoy the forums.

    Currently riding an MTB with a split personality - commuting, touring, riding for the sake of riding, on or off road :)

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    Hey b_rider, I'm just hoping to make it through this years rides and you are planning next years! Events can become addicting can't they Catch ya around this cyclist warehouse somewhere...Hilly
    In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

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