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    Hello all, I'm new here.

    Hello all I'm new here. Ron suggested I introduce myself here.

    A little about myself:

    I'm fairly new to recumbent riding. I bought my Short Wheel Base, SWB Vision R40 with Over Seat Steering, OSS, last September. I'm wondering why I didn't buy one sooner. I don't even have 400 miles on it yet. I'm still developing my 'bent legs and lungs. Its a whole lot differant then riding a upright.

    My wife of 10.5 years live in Sioux City, Iowa. No kids, yet.

    I belong to the Siouxland Cyclists, Inc. bike club. I have done RAGBRAI once in 1998, loved it hope to do it again. I love doing organized rides as well as charity rides. I just got done doing a ride in Des Moines, Iowa called Mayors Annual Ride, or MAR. In May I am doing a ride in Ankeny, Iowa called Another Dam Bike Ride. And this year in June I am doing the Iowa MS 150 chairity ride, it finally returned to Iowa. Next year I am doing the Heartland AIDS Ride, it goes from the Twin Cities in Minn. to Chicago, Ill. I alos ride the scheduled bike club rides as well.

    So thats it. Any questions feel free to ask. And I hope I'm welcome here.

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    Originally posted by b_rider
    And I hope I'm welcome here.
    We welcome anybody

    Seriously - enjoy the forums.

    Currently riding an MTB with a split personality - commuting, touring, riding for the sake of riding, on or off road :)

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    Hey b_rider, I'm just hoping to make it through this years rides and you are planning next years! Events can become addicting can't they Catch ya around this cyclist warehouse somewhere...Hilly

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