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    Hello, I want to ride my bike, again.

    Hello, from Baltimore,MD. Kids are getting out of college, now is time for "dad" time. For 25 years I have been a full time volunteer for every thing my kids got involved in. The boss misses the kids already, but I wanna putter around on my bike(s).

    My bikes are a Hummer (montague) paratrooper, Downtube FS9, an old eastern european single speed folder and am waiting anxiously waiting for a Mercier Nano, a mini velo.

    BTW, my preference for the smaller bikes is because there is no easy access to my basement where the bikes live. When I was younger and healthier it was really tough to move my big ten speeds in and out. I also love the convinence of having a bike live in my trunk.

    My lifestyle has resulted in a five-way bypass, degenerated lower discs, no ACL, and seven knee repairs. I am currently recovering from a SLAP tear, rotator cuff surgery, etc.

    Hope to be cleared to ride in 6 weeks. I hope.

    So, while I'm laid up,I will have time to look around and converse with others with my affliction for small bikes.

    Thank you

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    Howdy, nice bike collection.
    Hope you'll be riding soon

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