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    Hello from Richmond, VA

    Hey all,

    I'm recently getting back into riding after missing it for some time since I was younger. I've lived in Richmond, VA and have seen how people drive and only now decided to brave the oblivious masses and hop on two wheels.

    The forum is great and I've been reading mercilessly before making my new bike purchase and settled on a Giant Seek 3 since it's inexpensive enough but should last long enough to become what I want it to be (an Alfine 11 [nerdy heart flutters] and disc drop bar city bike). Previous attempts at riding have been met with resistance from my current to big for me ride, a pre-73 Gitane (grand sport i think). It was built by my dad in high school in New Orleans and had wheels stolen once and shifters stolen during service at an LBS here so it's been through a lot. It's murder to ride up Richmond Hills and I grew up on a mountain bike so making the jump to a road bike is way too awkward for me. It'll be for sale to anyone wiling to give it a good home since I've recently purchased the Seek.

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the info here, it's been invaluable in picking out a new bike and researching the old.

    OH and PS, Richmond VA bike week:

    Don't know the crowd but if you're on two wheels just show up!

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    Neat bike.
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