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    Hi from Bowling Green Ohio

    Hey friends, just found this place while wandering through the internet in the early stages of my search for parts to fix my bike.

    Just recently got into biking for commute and I hoped to ride more seriously this summer; I found a beautiful made-in-japan 1986 Schwinn Le Tour completely stock on craigslist over the Christmas and I've been loving leaving my car behind on the nice days with the early sunshine we've had in Ohio this year.

    Unfortunately, since I used to just have mountain bikes, I haven't adapted to the traction difference on these tires. For the most part, I love the swiftness that a road bike affords, but I really did myself in today when I came up on a turn too fast, broke hard, fishtailed and laid my bike out snapping off my pedal arm from the crank (feel free to correct my probably misused/made up terms ) and bending my back wheel's rim pretty badly. I don't know if anyone reads these 'hello' messages for the purpose of giving advice, but I'm going to be on the search for replacement parts and any help or advice would be such a blessing.

    Glad to be a part of what you all got going here,

    dylan (quailfire)

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    Welcome to Bike Forums Dylan.

    Check in with The Classic and Vintage Forum for parts help.
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