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    My name is Daniel, 22, I'm from France. I work in a sports supply chain called Decathlon. I work in their bike department where I fix stuff clients bring. I've always enjoyed bike, but over the last year (since I got the job) my interest in road biking has been growing !!

    My bike is an aluminium build with carbon fork. Shimano 2300 groupset, and a basic wheelset. I wasn't sure when I bought a year ago that I would use it much... I figured that if I do end up using it and get into the sport, then I'll upgrade.

    I am about to upgrade my frame and fork to a Pinarello Dogma BoB (Blanck on Black, refers to the paint job) that I'll get off the internet at the price of 10% of what it's worth. Basically, it's fake, but looks real. Anyways, it will be an upgrade from my aluminium 6071 frame. It is going to look so ****ing odd with my basic wheelset and low end groupset **** you if you don't like it. I will change it too, when I get the money to buy a groupset.

    I bike to work each day, and average 260kms per week, I usually ride around 30-35kph on mostly flat terrain (small hills <2km).

    I hope to learn from the community and hopefully contribute to it, too.


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    Howdy Daniel,

    Welcome to Bike Forums.

    Post some pics of the up grade when you finish.
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