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Thread: Hi from NYC

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    Hi from NYC

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an over-50 bicycling enthusiast. Growing up in the city, I had never had a bike as a kid, and didn't even know how to ride. In my 20s in Central Park I saw a lot of kids riding and it looked like fun, so I rented a bike, kept falling, and banged up my knees pretty badly. Finally got the hang of it, and it led to a love of bicycling.

    In the Seventies I bought a beautiful frame made by Francesco Cuevas. Being a poor musician, I had no money to build it up. Every time I had a spare buck I would buy a piece of Campy gear until I finally had a gorgeous, 17 lb. road bike. It was my pride and joy. I rode that bike all over the world, especially on a month- long honeymoon to Europe with my wife in the 80s. We took only one pannier, toured thru England, France and Switzerland.

    I stopped riding after a bad accident in the early 90s. I want to take it up again. I still have the Cuevas frame (22"), Campy gear has been stripped. I've been thinking of either building it up again or selling it to someone who can appreciate it. If anyone is interested, let me know, I can send pics and details.

    Glad I discovered this forum, am excited about starting to ride again! Wondering what might be an appropriate bike for me to start riding the newer bike paths of NYC and beyond. The Cuevas frame might have angles a bit too steep for my older frame. :-)

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    Thanks for sharing your background with us Skanter and welcome to the forums. There are lots of us 50+ riders here. I'm in Salt Lake City and planning a two-week, solo ride from Barcelona to Bordeaux next month. I'm taking FOUR panniers and plan to camp along the way. I don't know much about classic frames, but I'm sure you'll find people at who do.

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