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    Newbie in Rochester, NY

    Hello everyone. I just joined last week and thought I should do an intro post.

    I'm just getting back into riding after having been off any bike for about 10 years. I used to ride a fair amount in the summers when I was in High School on an aluminum schwinn roadbike, which I sold at some point while I was in college. After selling that bike, I never rode again until a month or so ago when I wrecked my car and decided to start commuting by bike. My dad had an old centurion ironman that he picked up at a garage sale in the mid 90s, that he gave me when I moved here three years ago, which had been sitting in my attic collecting dust. I got it out, dusted it off, and have been riding 4-5 days a week since.

    My current plan is to get the ironman powdercoated (the paint is pretty scratched up in spots and it's just on the verge of starting to rust) and then save up for a new bike. I ride mostly on the road and on the gravel paths that are pretty common around here, but I really prefer the lightness and speed of classic road bikes over something more beefy like a hybrid or a cyclocross rig, and I'm intrigued by the long distance rando style, which seem to have a little more versatility than a road racing rig, but are really built for speed as compared to something like a dedicated touring bike. Also toying with the idea of trying out a 650b conversion on the ironman to be able to run fatter rubber (and maybe fenders if I'm lucky), then getting a 650b rig for my next bike, and switching the ironman back to 700c at that point. I like the rawland rsogn. It's probably a little heavier duty than I need, but that might offer some versatility, and the durability might be nice in a daily commuter. I also really like the boulder bicycle allroad, especially with its lighter weight and less dramatically sloping top tube, but it's nearly double the price of the rsogn, which is hard to argue with.

    But the immediate question is, what color do I do the ironman? Classic racing green? Powder blue? Gloss black? Matt black? Gunmetal? Chrome?

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    Welcome to Bike Forums jkimballcook.

    Blue my choice.
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