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    New from Phoenix, Arizona

    Hey everyone how is it going? My name is Joie. I am pretty new to the bike world in general but with the magical wisdom of google I was able to learn a lot and figure out what seemed right for me. I mainly purchased a bike for fitness reasons and saving gas. So far after riding it for a couple days... I am addicted. So I ended up getting a Nakamura mountain bike from a local used store. Looks like the previous owner changed some stuff on it so honestly trying to figure out what I have. Here are some pics. (sorry for the low light crappy phone pics)


    So basically by joining this forum, hopefully able to learn more about bikes and what not...


    BTW I dont know why I have picture of boxes here
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    im not real familiar with nakamura but based on what I saw in the pics Id say it was a $250 bike brand new, 20 years ago. I hope you got it cheap like $70 max. Its a capable bike good for shorter commutes, cruising the park, or even some light off roading. the crank is not the original but the rest looks as if it is. nice starter bike. if you get into biking heavily you will undoubtably want to upgrade but for now it should fix the jones. congrats, ride the wheels off it.
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