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    Hey to all,

    Seems like a great forum here and I'm looking forward to being a part of it. Basically someone living down the street from me was throwing out a Schwinn Varsity (I think 1970's-80's?, you would know better than I), though the tires were popped so I replaced them. I've taken it on a couple of rides and it works great. I'm really into cars and I like to modify them and rarely ever like to ride stock, so keeping that trend going I would like to upgrade this bike of mine as well. Any suggestions on where I should start? I know some people have done fixed gear swaps (? lol car term) If someone could possibly steer me in the right direction with upgrading this baby (i.e. lighter components, better seats, cranks, etc.) and the websites I could find them at, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys,
    Sean Cassidy

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    Hi Sean,

    Welcome to Bike Forums.

    The folks in The Classic and Vintage Forum as well as the Single Speed Fixed Gear can help you.

    They do need pics.
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