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    Electric Commuter - Prodeco

    Hello All,

    I got a Genesis 500 electric bike at the factory last weekend and already have over 100 miles on it. I will be using it for a 15 mile commute. So far, I have pedaled 75% of the way both times I've ridden to work. I think I could coast the whole way but need to experiment more with distances... I let the motor do most of the work and just kind of help it along. I rode for an hour/15 miles yesterday in 92 degree direct sunlight and barely broke a sweat (most sweat was under my black helmet).

    BTW, I'm 170lb

    I've inflated the tires to 70psi (no idea why they put 40psi tires on a bike made for distance...)

    I learned mechanics by working on bicycles starting at age 12. I am an excellent general mechanic now and I checked most of the bike over before riding for the first time. (My bike came assembled sadly.) Overall, the bike is very tight however, there were several loose items. Most alarming, all 8 of the screws on the battery itself were loose. 4 of them were 1/4 inch out from being seated. The seat post clamp was loose. The handle bar clamp was loose. I can't blame all of these items on Prodeco as I bought the bike thru ebay. I just picked it up there as a convenience. The ebay seller assembled the bike before I arrived to pick it up.

    The seat is very cheap and uncomfortable. Change seat for better comfort.

    The Shocks are garbage and rob power from the motor. Replace with rigid disc-ready forks.

    Battery rack could be smoother.

    Rear wheel is slightly out of round. Annoying and robs power.

    Several of the battery connector pins came out of the controller. They popped right back in but, they should be permanently attached.

    Despite all of the gripes listed above, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

    Question though, do you Prodeco 500 owners notice a severe drag from the back wheel while coasting? If I lift my bike's back wheel off the ground and give it a spin, it stops after only 2-3 revolutions. The drag is coming from the motor or the bearings, not from the brake.

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    Welcome to the forums! In Finland electric bikes still seem ridicilously expensive.

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