Hello! My name is Yulianna and I just got myself back on the bike after 20 year break. Last time I rode a bike I was 10 years old and my friend dared me putting our friendship on a line.....we are still friends :-)

Every weekend I am riding bike with my kids and my husband (he is rollerblading); I no longer job after them and/or talk on my phone while chasing them.

I have decided to take the experience a step further by participating in Riding to End AIDS event from June 3-9th this year. I will be riding with thousands other participants from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for the HIV/AIDS epidemic and services to those in need.

Please support me by donating to the fundraiser; all your donations are tax deductable. Follow the link below and make a difference and I'll do all the peddaling and sweating, 547 miles.


Looking forward to many more rides and friendships along the way.

Yulianna :-)