Hi all. Long time user of a few other cycling forums. I've done a bit of lurking here and decided to expand my horizons a bit by joining in the discussions over here as well.

Cycling Bio:
Serious (I use the term very loosely here) cyclist since the early 80's. Spent my High School and College years breaking various mountain bikes. Have more recently (past 5 years) made the shift to more of a road focus. Mountain Biking just started to become too much of a hassle living in the city. I've got an absurdly expensive custom road bike frame in production right now so even though I'll never fully retire the MTB I'm considerably more committed to the road now.

Grew up in NH but I'm currently living in Boston with the rest of the M**sholes.
I've been skiing since I was 2 so that's my other passion in life. It pretty much dominates about a third of my annual free time.
Married ( 1 kid age minus 4.5 months and counting ... )

See you all around the forum.