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    Car-Fee commuter from Orlando Fla

    After having numerous accidents in my life, (17), (About half at fault), I have decided to go car-free. I'd been car-free for 4.5 years and bought a new car in February thinking it would make my life with my new wife easier as she has just arrived from the Philippines. I got hit-and-run in June with my car having barely 4,000 miles on it. Go figure when I'm at fault I always have insurance at least (Unlike those who hit me).Without all the car expenses (550-600 a month) its a lot easier to live on my meager paycheck, but really safety is the most important reason for my decision. I have poor eyesight and possibly a tad of ADD.

    My wife has never ridden a bicycle, so I bought her one to learn on when I bought myself a new bike to commute on. Orange cycle here in Orlando has a GREAT sale going on right now.

    My wife's bike a 2012 Raleigh Venture 7 Speed comfort bike

    My bikes, 2009 Specialized Globe Carmel 3 comfort bike (basically keeping for parts)
    2010 Specialized Globe Carmel 3 comfort bike (Has more than 12,000 miles all original parts) My trailer tower
    2012 Raleigh Talus 29er My new commuter/errand runner.

    I bought a 29er mountain bike because I wanted disk brakes, something faster than a comfort bike, and a flat-bar. Currently waiting on my Brooks B-17 seat, Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700* 38 tires, and my Donkey Boxx hard plastic panniers. Next purchase will be Ergon grips....

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    Howdy and Welcome to Bike Forums from a Texas road rider.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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    Welcome to Bike Forums! Glad to hear that you didnt' let these accidents keep you down on getting out there and riding. Now that your wife has a bike, it would be nice to do that as the start of a healthy family activity.
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    Welcome! Stay safe and happy riding!

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