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    New guy from Western AZ

    I used to be avid gym rat or at least that was 3 years ago I dumped the membership after hundreds of Doctor visits and having lots of imaging done on my shoulder only to find it needs the labrum and 3 other tendons need to be repaired .

    In the mean time I thought I should do something that looked like fun (there is a guy who rides the trails early in the mornings I saw him and thought looks like a blast) since we have an entire state park and desert to explore. I've explored a lot of the area around here in our UTV prior to hitting the trails there are some areas that are best taken with major 4x4, dirt bike or ATV. Cactus are not friendly when you fall in or brush up against one, don't ask me how I found that out

    About 9 days ago I proceeded to take a cheap Walmart Mtn bike in to have it repaired, the mechanic said okay for $80 you can be riding again but...You'll need better parts to continue on rough trails, so the money you pour into this you could have a entry level bike that has it all and more.

    I haven't been riding very long (9 days), last night was the first time I had my GPS & Heart rate monitor out for a ride. I bought a new 2012 19" framed KHS Hard-tail, which was like 100 times better than what I had, even though the Walmart bike was full suspension it didn't ever work like the high end bikes do, gee I wonder why. I just didn't have the funds to get a FS bike otherwise I may have gotten one.

    by trade I am a machinist, welder and fabricator, mostly steel stuff, I run a business and get by with some general contracting. Jack of many trades, master of some but not all.

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    Hey R3cycl3r,

    Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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