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    hello hello, a little about me..

    This is me signing in...
    I have always ridden: bikes, trikes, motor bikes, monkey-bikes, unicycles pretty much anything with wheels.
    I am really keen to get my hands on an 'Ordinary' but it seem it is quite hard to acquire one there (unless you have allot of money).
    It had been a long time since I had been on a bike and I found I was really craving it, so I got it out of the shed and started getting fit.

    A little while ago my bike decided to brake beyond repair. I tried to have it fixed, but it turned out to be a manufacturing fault. So there's me with no bike and no money to buy a new one.
    I was walking around the back yard one day and I found my dads old racing/road-bike in a pile of junk. I had always wanted one like that and in fact when I was younger I had one. It was far to big for me but I was determined to ride it. Now I'm thinking it was probably for the best it was stolen, I continuously crashed and fell off as the brakes hardly worked and I couldn't touch the ground by a long shot haha..

    Anyway I fell in love with the idea of bringing this long forgotten bike back to its former glory and hopefully even better!
    I get to work cleaning and striping it back when I realised I know nearly nothing about bike mechanically and sizing etc. so here I am!

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    Welcome aboard. I am sure you will find lots of info in the forums here. The search function is your friend!
    My current stable:

    1989 SLX Bottecchia (Campy Athena 11s)
    1999 Cannondale F400 mountain bike
    2012 Bianchi Infinito (Campy Record 11s)
    2012 Colnago C59 in PR99 color scheme (Campy Record 11s)
    2016 Colnago C60 in MHWH color scheme (Campy Record 11s)

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    Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.

    Clean it up add new tires and tubes then see what else it might need.

    Have fun with the old bike and posting about it on BF.
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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