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    Hello BikeForums, I hail from Nottingham, England and it is currently cold there!

    My name is Leds, I am a 32 year old father of one little Girl and I love cycling. I have been cycling since I was 5 (as im sure most of us have since we were kids) although near enough every bike I've ever possessed has been stolen, once even when it was locked outside a shop! So there have been times when I haven't had a bike but recently got a really run down mountain bike (costing only 25 pound) and put some new cross country tyres on it (10 pounds eash) and some new break pads (6 pounds) and re-greased the balls in the back wheel hub and tightened it (5 pounds) and re-balled and re-greased the krank (10 pounds) to make it road worthy enough to cycle around 400 hundred miles from the midland of England to the southern end of Ireland. That took me ten days and I wild camped most of the way I am now in Ireland with family for a family wedding and not cycling back to England as the weather and my bike just won't mix well together. Next year I shall return to Ireland and fix up the bike for the return journey. I will be saving up for a better bike so that myself and my fiance and her son can cycle from Amsterdam to Geneva in the summer.

    Cycle touring is what I am fascinated in at the moment, especially EuroVelo routes, particularly interested in EuroVelo 5, 11 and a couple of others! I love riding around the city as well. Infact I use the bike whenever I can.
    Would like to get to being able to do 60 miles per day rather consistently (was average 55 per day on my trip to Ireland) without too much problems although being a strict vegan it can be tricky to get the right nourishment on a tour.

    Anyhoo...that's a bit about me.....who are you?


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    Cheers Leds, welcome to Bike Forums!

    I'm a utility cyclist / bike commuter myself. Soo... how cold is "cold"?

    To err is human. To moo is bovine.

    Who is this General Failure anyway, and why is he reading my drive?

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