New to the forum but pretty well into my cycling , try to do about 150 kms a week or so. Spread throughout the house I have my selection of rides:

Dahon Impulse D6 - Just brilliant, upgraded to 7.5 bar tyres and it goes great. Ive ridden over 60kms in one day on it several times. Will probably have been nicked by the time you read this.

Ballistic Exocet II - Full suspension MTB with LX, built by my own fair hands and has been down a couple of grundig courses (non competetivly and I mostly had my eyes closed). Not bad, mental town bike

Cannondale R500 2k5 model - Hmm, less than impressed. Crap wheels and some nasty componentry leaves me with the feeling I should have left this one in the shop. Still I do about 120 kms a week on it.

Sold the car last year, pulse rate at 55, richer, healthier, happier. Cycling rocks.