Bienvenuti da Idaho Nord:
How's it goin', eh? Been a casual cyclist, off and on, getting really into for a summer or two, then slacking off for awhile, 'till reading a profile in Bicycling about a bike mechanic named Sheldon Brown in Boston, which led me to his website, which led to a complete fixation on fixed-gear bikes, 3 years later I'm finishing my 5th fixed gear conversion, and was just given a 70's Gitane Tour de France (in my size! (63x60)) frame that I will be setting up as a fixed gear ride.

It has been my pattern to bounce wildly between interests, be they motorcycling or rock climbing, but I usually loose interest after a while, should've happened with this fix-gear bicycle thing a couple of years ago, but I still got the obsession. Never been so fixated before that I would put on some Coltrane, pour some single-malt, set the bike in the living room and chill out.

Looking forward to gleaning all the info I can from other forum members, contributing when I can. Cheers.