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    hello from portland (the one in oregon)


    i've been a regular commuter for the better part of the last ten years. in that time, i have taught myself quite a bit about the mechanics of a bicycle, moving from one project to the next (and there is always some kind of project in the garage, living room, back yard, etc).

    recently, i have been searching for my "perfect bike." the one that will do everything. while on this search, i've discovered a couple things:
    1) the "perfect bike" is really 2 (or 3, who am i kidding) different bikes
    2) to get one bike as close to perfect as possible, i'm going to have to build it myself.
    which is what brings me here...

    i've been spending more and more time on this forum, and am realizing what an amazing source of information it can be. so, hello again, and i'll see you out on the road.


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    Hello Justin, welcome to BF, sounds like you get N+1 perfectly, hope that grail bike(s) comes your way. We have several forums you would enjoy if you haven't already picked out a few favorite places here. The Mechanics and Commuter Forums will probably keep you informed and give you a place to share your hard earned knowledge with us too.

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