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    Greetings from Croatia

    Hi bike lovers,

    I'm Tasha, from Zagreb, Croatia.

    At first I was just looking around BF to find info that would help me pick my new bike, but now I see this is a great place to stick around so I registered.

    I feel better cycling than walking, sitting, running or pretty much doing anything else (I said pretty much, not everything). I'm sure I'm not the only one here that feels that way

    My thing has always been commuting to work and around the city, with occasional day-trips to the countryside, but now that i've tried traveling by bike, I'm totally hooked and can't wait to go somewhere again on vacation.

    Until now I've always gone for cheaper bikes. Doing everything around the city on a bike, the chances of it getting stolen are pretty high, so the cheaper and scruffier the better. But I was nonetheless able to travel long distances with it (lots of spare parts and some basic repair skills a must). But now I need to get a better bike for serious travel.

    This is a pic from my first trip last year. About 400km, 4 days. The area is the Velebit mountain, that's the Adriatic in the background. The white-ninja gear is for sun protection (and to scare the locals ).

    A few more from that trip...


    If anyone is traveling to Croatia, drop me a message.


    PS what's the best subforum or thread to post my question on finding the right bike for me? I have a list of what I want from a bike, I just don't know which bike it is. Thanks!

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    Hello Tasha,

    Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.

    The Touring and Commuting Forums are places to asked about bikes for your needs.

    Thanks for The Great photos in your introduction.

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    Hi Tasha, welcome to BF, good to have someone from Croatia here. As 10 Wheels said the Touring forum will have a lot of great people to help you out with your questions. We also have a good commuting forum to fill that need for you, also. Best of luck on your touring and commutes.

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