At the tender age of 40, I started riding in the DC area back in the early 80s. Dr. Proteus and the guys down at Proteus Bike Shop in Adams-Morgan, Larry Black out at College Park Bikes, and Tom Mullens at The Bicycle Place, all got me going. If any of them are around, I'd like to thank them right here.

20 years later, I still ride the DeRosa Tom fixed me up with, all Campy Super Record, and a custom build done by Fred Kelly in Rockville, MD. Both bikes are still as rideable as they were then. I've put many miles on them, commuting to work while living in DC during the 80s and East Texas in the 90s, riding with the Tyler and Longview bike clubs, and now living in Herndon, VA, 20 miles out the W&OD trail from DC.

Cycling has made life good. It has served as a health and fitness tonic, and an excellent way of dealing with stress. It also keeps me in touch with the visceral, material world of nature, the "outside," which has been one reason I've enjoyed riding since first pedaling down the block as a kid.

My user name, Fredrico, was chosen in homage to Frederico Fellini, the Italian film director who inspired my career path into film making. He got many ideas and characters for his wonderful films when engaged in another of his life-long passions, riding a bicycle through the streets of Rome. He never owned a car or learned how to drive one.

Looking forward to meeting new people who share this passion!